Does meditation work with all the noise around..?


As soon as I opened my eyes after meditation, she asked, “Do you think all your meditation works, with all this noise coming from all directions?” It was difficult to understand if she was asking out of frustration or curiosity. I took a long deep breath and smiled as I spoke….

” Its not so much the external noise that bothers you, its more the internal.” She gave me that ….. ‘Oh-not-that-one-again’ look. Seeing her expression, my smile grew bigger and I continued speaking….

“When someone consumes poison… whether s/he takes it knowingly, unknowingly, in small or large amounts, mixed with something or otherwise, morning or any other time of the day….. Doesn’t the poison work? Does it ask questions before showing its effects? Does it bother to see who has consumed it?…It just works and does its job.

Similarly my dear, meditation works!! No questions asked. It just does its job. The interesting part is, you have to do nothing. It does whatever it has to do.

However, we humans have a tendency to question the good and easily accept the bad. We therefore question the effects of meditation and very easily accept the effects of poison.”

“No wonder there is a permanent glow on your face,” she said with a smile even before I had finished.


Flip side of the coin.


“I’ve had enough of people telling me that we coexist because we need each other. I don’t think I need these politicking crazy  men in my life. Seems like all their toxins are being sent to me. How do you explain this?!” You could almost see the venom coming out from every pore in his body.

I took a long deep breath and let it go with a smile and spoke…

“We often fail to see that some times someone’s toxin works as life saving drugs for us. That’s the flip side of the coin!!

Its important that these people be there in your life other wise you will never grow internally. This growth cannot be seen from the outside, but is required for us. We must actually be grateful to them.” I was only half way through my sentence and I could see him squirm. I smiled again and continued to speak…

“Have you ever looked at a tree in gratitude and thought that you take their toxin to survive. If there were no trees there would be no oxygen and there would be no life! Such is life, we need these people around us, who bring about growth in our life. That which seems like their toxin is actually working as oxygen for us, only we fail to see it.

Another thing worth remembering here is that… if it hurts, know that there is still a lesson in it for you to learn. When it stops hurting, know that you have grown and have moved on. Be grateful for your growth and just move on with a smile.”

I do not know what crossed his mind but his lips broke into a loving smile. He nodded and said, “Thank you!”


How do energies overlap?


Some times I can feel the energy of a person when I am near them? How does this work?

The look an his face, expressed the need for a logical answer….I smiled and spoke….

“As a small child, I remember studying mathematics and loving it.” I could see a smile on his face, affirming his love for the same subject.

“In one of the mathematics class, we were taught the set theory. In which they explained that when two sets meet they overlap. And the common space is called the union of those sets.

Energy is as logical as the set theory. When two people meet, even if they are just acquaintance, they have an unseen energy around them. The energies overlap, just like the set theory. That’s how they experience the energy of each other. If they like the energy of the other, then the energy expands and the overlap increases. If they do not enjoy the energy, the energy shrinks and the overlap area contacts.”

Always there…The Supreme Energy!


“You keep talking about this Supreme Energy, if it is present all the time, at all places and knows all, then how come I have felt it now and not before? In fact, I can feel it every now-and-then how come I am not aware of it all the time?” Even as he was asking I once again saw the mind working more than the brain and smiled as I spoke….

“Did you eat this morning?” he nodded. “Tell me what you had for breakfast.” He gave a thought and then gave an answer. “Now tell me what you ate for breakfast last week this day.” He looked a bit perturbed. “Last month this date? Last year this date?” He looked both quizzed and irritated.

“Well, just because you do not remember what you ate on a certain day does not mean that you did not eat at all. It has been there and you have experienced it and it has given you energy. Right?

Similarly, my friend, the Supreme Energy is always present everywhere. Just because you are not aware of it at any point of time does not mean it is not. You just flow in the grace and relax. Let go and let it be.

As the wise say… ‘Faith can move mountains and doubt can create them!’

Keep Smiling…. You are deeply loved.”

I Am……


“Do you constantly tell yourself that you are this or you are that or you are not this or that?”

I smiled and was instantly reminded of the example my Guru often gives….

“If you are in this city today, do you constantly tell yourself that you are in this city. Or do you keep telling yourself that you are not in any other city. 

Once you experience that state of bliss you just know and you need no reminders. 

Love says, ‘I am everything’, wisdom says, ‘I am nothing’.

You are everything and nothing and beyond.

You need no reminders. You just are !!”

Life Happens…!!


“I often hear you say… you are not doing it, its happening!… Well, how is that possible? How can it happen, unless you do it?!”, coming from a mother of two young children, it seemed obvious that she was looking at deeper meaning to this seemingly simple question.

I smiled and said,…

“What are you doing right now?”

She looked quizzed and shrugged her shoulder in reply, as if to say…don’t ask the obvious!

I continued…”Even as you sit here and listen, your mind is going in all directions. Right? Its just happening. You are breathing, even if you are not aware of it, its just happening. Your food is getting digested, its just happening. Your heart is beating and pumping blood in every cell of your body, its just happening. Some cells of your body are dying and some new cells are being made, its just happening…

The Sun is moving from East to West, its just happening. Seasons are changing, its just happening. In some parts of the world snakes are hibernating, in some other parts of the world they are coming out of hibernation, its just happening.

Similarly, in life…. We may think that we are doing things…but its just happening.”

I let the thought sink a bit and spoke again…

“Close your eyes. Take a deep breath…and let it go.

Take a look at your life so far….  you will realize that the significant things/ people/ events of your life have just happened. You weren’t really doing them. They were just happening!

So, my friend… relax! Let go! Live life. Celebrate life. Enjoy life. Because everything is  just happening….through you. Life happens… !!”

Some scriptures confuse me…please help!


“Some scriptures confuse me. I am unable to understand if its karma or knowledge/love for divine/ faith that is more important. What am i supposed to do?”

I was grateful for the confusion in the mind of the elderly gentleman who was asking this question, because its thanks our confusions that we look for clarity. I smiled and spoke,…

“You see these birds in the sky..they fly so gracefully and the whole exercise seems effortless. But for their flight to happen they need wings. They need power in those wings. They need both the wings. When they start flying it is an effort and they fumble, but soon it becomes their nature and the whole exercise is effortless.

Similarly, in order to grow on the spiritual path you need both the wings (karma and knowledge/ love for divine/ faith), you need power in those wings (conviction / unshakable faith). Yes, in the beginning, it may be an effort and you may fumble but soon it will effortlessly become your very nature.

Its like watching your most favourite television program. You watch and you listen at the same time and you do it effortlessly.Right?

Blessing to all.”